About Us


As one of the leading 3PL providers, ARSKWAY LOGISTIC supports customers with reliable, fully integrated logistics solutions that free them to focus on running their business. Wherever the challenges or opportunities in your supply chain improving delivery schedules, reducing costs, minimizing damage claims ARSKWAY LOGISTIC can tailor a logistics solution to your specific needs.

ARSKWAY LOGISTIC have more than 15 years of experience in the following industries: oil, gas, energy, construction, agro-industry, chemical, automotive, mining and inspections, among others. Our objective is to provide our customers with excellent products and services, within the shortest possible time, in the most cost-effective way, with an optimized approach, customized to meet their needs and requirements.


As international freight forwarders, we are members of extensive and highly-recognized global networks of freight forwarders and we provide shipping services for a variety of industries, including petroleum, heavy industry and energy.

Why Choose Us


To be recognized as the Best-In-Class freight forwarding and logistics service provider in African continent. Our most critical mission is to provide a competitive advantage to our clients by producing a reliable and personalized logistical support system that is consistently and dependable one hundred percent of the time all the time.


To be a leader, the strongest and most trusted company both locally and internationally in the field of Shipping, logistics and Relocations. It is the vision of ARSKWAY LOGISTICS always to conduct our business in an honest and correct manner, to provide services of a high standard on competitive terms and on a strictly private and confidential basis that satisfies our customers and meets the strictest conditions of health and safety.